Property Valuations

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Commercial Property Valuations

Analysis and knowledge of current conditions in the commercial property market form an integral part of a commercial property valuation. Spectrum Valuation Services offers full property valuations from small offices to multi-storey buildings.

Retail Property Valuations

We have considerable experience in valuing various types of retail property, including:
Shops, Shopping Centres (neighbourhood, regional and national), Value Markets, Motor Showrooms, Retail Showrooms, Filling Stations, Convenience Stores and Vacant Land, amongst others.

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Industrial Property Valuations

There are many forms of industrial property, ranging from specialised hi-tech service industry units to dated factories. We provide formal valuations of all properties within this diverse sub-sector, including: Light, Medium and Heavy Industrial Manufacturing, Small-Medium and Large Warehouses, Cold Rooms, Dairies and Abattoirs, Industrial Mini Units, Bulk Storage and Vacant Land, amongst others.

Agricultural Property Valuations

Our professional valuers can establish the real estate value of all agricultural property. With our specialist expertise – the result of years of experience in this sector of valuations as well as an informed understanding of the agricultural industry – we offer formal valuations for all types of agricultural properties, including: Small Holdings, Cattle and Game Farms, Vineyards, Crops, Poultry and Dairy Farming, Sugar Estates, Timber Plantations and Specialist Wine Farms.

Specialised Property Valuations

A wide range of specialised properties is included in Spectrum’s portfolio of valuations expertise. These include: Golf Courses, Quarries, Hotels, Guest Houses, Hospitals and Health Facilities, Educational Institutions, Schools, Crèches, Colleges, Hostels, Museums, Aquariums, Planetariums, Game Lodges and Zoo’s.