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Property Valuations

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Moveable Assets

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Specialised Valuations

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Consulting Services



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Spectrum Valuations and Asset Solutions is the leading independent valuation company with a strong national footprint and over a century of combined experience providing competitive, reliable and credible asset and property valuation services in South Africa.

Our team of specialist consultants offer exacting care throughout research, innovation, analysis and experienced opinion for an accountable valid client conclusion across a wide range of services.

Property Valuations

Residential Property Valuations

We have considerable experience in offering comprehensive valuation services that meets the diverse property requirements including houses, clusters, apartments or vacant land nationwide. You will receive adequate knowledge of the local market value whether you are investing, selling, buying, renting or leasing a residential property.


Industrial Property Valuations

Our professionally qualified Valuers deliver uncontested expert analysis and valid conclusions within the industrial sector. Our experience extends across all aspects of manufacturing including factories and high-tech processing plants, while also addressing the very unique valuation requirements of mines, dairies, abattoirs, warehouses, cold rooms or bulk storage facilities, etc.

Commercial Property Valuations

Through our pioneering methodology on income bearing properties, whether a small office, a multi-storey building or a commercial office complex, we offer thorough analysis and in-depth knowledge of South Africa’s property market equipping you with measurable insights as an integral part of a comprehensive commercial property valuation.


Agricultural Property Valuations

An informed understanding of the complexities and thorough research within the agricultural sector ensures extensive formal valuations that considers both the product produced by the land, as well as the various assets.

Retail Property Valuations

Underpinned by our advanced systems and broad experience, our retail property specialists have access to the most adequate market data to ensure that all valuations performed on fillings stations, shopping centres or malls, showrooms, convenience or retail stores and shops are professional, reliable and accurate.

From small holdings, cattle, game, poultry or dairy farms, sugar and timber plantations, to specialised vineyards and wine farms, our far reaching experience will provide the most credible valuation to maximise return on investment.

Moveable Assets


Our expertise extends beyond fixed assets to providing independent valuations to establish the full replacement value of a wide range of moveable assets and possessions of value such as, specialised processing and manufacturing machinery; heavy duty plant and office equipment, furniture, livestock and game, irrigation systems, combines and vehicles.

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Specialised Valuations


The Spectrum Valuations and Asset Solutions team is fully qualified and experienced to offer services aimed at analysing and advising on optimising the value of asset portfolios, restructuring advisory services and asset positioning. Our nationwide network of expert consultants are further boosted by specialised expertise in our shareholder partners who focus in these core areas.

Consulting Services


The Spectrum Team is fully qualified and experienced to offer the following services: feasibility studies, Capital Gains Tax valuations, valuations for expropriation purposes, expert witness support, statutory valuations (rezoning, subdivisions etc.) and market research analysis.

We offer expert consultation on ideal operating structures, processes and reengineering requirements. Optimal Balance Sheet positioning is essential in financial proposals and, while tendering for large contracts, formal valuation of your fixed and movable assets may prove useful. The Team advises investors on potential investments, and offer consultation services in terms of optimising returns on existing portfolios.

We prepare in-depth analyses and our expertise is available to private and corporate clients, country-wide. We view every project as significant, no matter how small, as our clients’ best interests always come first. Call us to discuss your requirements and Spectrum will ensure that you receive the professional treatment you expect and deserve.

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No matter the extent of the task, we take the same professional approach to each valuation.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Spectrum and especially Magdaleen as well as all other staff involved in the Nedbank project. Some [if not all] staff really walked the extra mile to assist us in getting the valuations done on time and as professionally as possible!! The project was completed without me having to fight and “moan” and I can truly state that it was a GREAT experience dealing with Spectrum. Looking forward to many years of the same professional service from a top valuation company. Please convey my thanks to each and every one involved in the project.

Arie Mooiman

Mortgage Capital