Specialised valuations: entering a world of Asset Optimisation anywhere in South Africa

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April 9, 2020

Merger: Entering a world of Asset Optimisation

The merger results in a new name you can still trust: Spectrum Valuations and Asset Solutions. Dedicated Focus where the market will see Spectrum Valuations and Asset Solutions broadening their scope of services to cater for a far larger market. A market where you are assured the stakeholders carry your investment interest’s top of mind for Asset Optimisation.

Now with the largest national footprint and service offering, the merger has boosted the company’s market share to arguably the largest in the country. Boasting the most experienced experts in the industry with access to high level information and consulting.
The mission of these combined entities is to help people and organisations to realise their true asset potential throughout South Africa.

Specialised valuations anywhere in South Africa, with the backing of influential shareholders and a strong BEEE ownership, fits the Spectrum Valuations and Asset Solutions overall future vision and growth strategy, which has been well constructed to move from a 2 pillar approach to a 4 pillar approach, encompassing:

  1. Property
  2. Moveable assets
  3. Consulting services
  4. Specialised Services

The new offering formulates a 360 degree approach for every customer needing Consulting Services and Specialised Services.
Spectrum Valuations and Asset Solutions now ensures its customers additional peace of mind, in that they have the best people for any asset valuation and superior consulting services. The high standard of quality control which ensures every customer receives:

  1. Superior Risk mitigation
  2. Excellent turnaround times

Moreover, our customers can now take advantage of and benefit from the following dedicated planned offering:

  1. Wherever you are, with our consolidated national footprint
    • One service
    • One price
    • One experience
  2. Access to information on consulting
  3. Speed and accuracy
  4. Speed and accuracy

Moving forward from the exciting merger of 2 of the largest, most specialised industry experts, our customers will see an integrated asset management policy of these 2 entities.

This integration ensures full optimisation and growth of the largest national footprint in the industry. This positions Spectrum Valuations and Asset Solutions as the market leader in Asset Optimisation, which ties into the overall Mission and Vision of the company and speaks to the core values of professionalism, integrity, excellence and reliability in all that we do.

These are exciting times for the South African market and our customers are assured that our planned future growth will create dedicated quality control as well as accuracy and speed of delivery for an unsurpassed market offering, with the continued aim of assisting our customers, people and businesses alike in realising their true asset potential.

Spectrum Valuations and Asset Solutions looks forward to the journey with our customers following the merger. Should you have any questions regarding our service offering please contact info@specval.co.za